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Say Goodbye to SAD

For decades, many of us believed we were taking care of our bodies by eating according to the Standard American Diet (SAD). ¬†Unfortunately, there are many sad consequences to the Standard American Diet, due to the dependence on animal products. In Whitewash: ¬†The Disturbing Truth About Cow’s Milk and Your Health, nutritionist Joseph Keon, Ph.D., […]

Father’s Day Brunch and Local Strawberries!

One of the interesting questions I’ve been in is how to create new meal traditions around special holidays and events. We are creatures of habit, and habit often says…. if it’s Father’s Day, it must be time for a steak on the BBQ! ¬† (More on plant-based grilling coming soon.) Fortunately, for Dad’s Day this […]

Welcome to the Joyful Eater!

Hello and welcome to The Joyful Eater! This space is all about Finding Joy Through Conscious Eating….. I’ve been envisioning this site for some time now, and thanks to my nephew, Nathan, I actually have the structure on which to share my passion for plant-based eating with you! I call myself the Joyful Eater because […]