Welcome to the Joyful Eater!

Hello and welcome to The Joyful Eater!

This space is all about Finding Joy Through Conscious Eating…..

I’ve been envisioning this site for some time now, and thanks to my nephew, Nathan, I actually have the structure on which to share my passion for plant-based eating with you!

I call myself the Joyful Eater because it is truly joyful to eat foods that taste really good, are good for my body, and do no harm to the environment or animals.  Eating in alignment with my values has shifted so much in my life, and I want to shout my joy from the rooftops!  A blog is the next best thing.

I see this as a place where we can come together and share:

  • How plant-based eating can bring about optimal health and well-being
  • Motivational information that will increase the desire to eat a plant-based diet
  • Recipes that are so delicious, you likely won’t miss the meat and dairy!
  • Tips for eating healthy without spending a lot of time and money
  • Community with other people who are trying to live in alignment with their values

Check the About  link to learn more about my interest, motivation, and journey to being a joyful eater.

We enjoyed a wonderful vegan lasagna the other night, so I’d like to share the recipe with you.  Click on Favorite Recipes to see that yummy dish!

Thanks for taking a moment to browse this site, and feel free to comment.  I would love to hear your thoughts about conscious eating.  If you have questions, please ask, and if I don’t know, I’m happy to do the research and get back to you.  I’m hoping we can all learn a lot from each other.

Joyful Eating!


11 comments on “Welcome to the Joyful Eater!

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging 🙂

    • Thanks, Debbie! I’m a true novice, but am enjoying the process. Your site is awesome! I’m sure I’ll learn a few things as I take time to check it out more! Joyful Eating to you!

  2. Wow! What a great introductory blog!

    You’ve made such a difference in my life and health! I’m a walking testiment to the positive effects of a vegan diet (nearly 6 months now). I’m also feeling joyful about this decision.

    Thank you so much.

  3. Congratulations Kate on following your heart, and at once being a voice for health and well-being. I would love to receive regular updates but don’t know WordPress as well as Blogger and cannot find out how to sign on.

    • Hi Tonia! Thanks for your interest! When you’re on the site, you should see a “Follow” button. If you click that, and put in your email address, you will then receive a confirmation email and can sign up for future notifications of new recipes, tips, and postings. Please let me know if you have further problems, and we’ll work it out. Joyful Eating!

  4. Hey Kate,
    Mike and I have always been pretty healthy but after Mikes recent heart stint surgery I’m thinking we need even more. I would love to know some yummy receipes to start with. Hope to see you soon. Lin

    • Hi Lin! It’s good to hear from you. Stay tuned for some interesting stats on the amazing benefits of plant-based eating and reversing heart disease. And, of course, lots of yummy, healthy recipes!

  5. Kate,
    Everything I have ever tasted that you have prepared has been heavenly! I am so excited for your new adventure and I look forward to the new discoveries you share.
    Always love and support,

  6. Dear Kate, Congratulations! I know you’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. And now with Nathan’s help you did it! I’m looking forward to trying some of your recipes at home because having sampled some of them at your house I know Jim would love them too! Love Karen

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