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A Spontaneous Expression of Who We Are

“When we are drawn toward a plant-based way of eating, it is in no way a limitation on us; rather it is the harmonious fulfillment of our own inner seeing. At first we think it’s an option we can choose, but with time we realize that it’s not a choice at all but the free […]

The 30-Day Vegan Challenge!

Here’s a great opportunity to get support with some new habits that will improve your health, decrease the suffering of animals, and improve the health of the planet, too!   If you’ve been considering eating a more plant-based diet, you will want to check out this program being offered by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, called The 30-Day […]

Blossoming Vegan Chef

Our nephew, Nathan, is staying with us for a while, and he has been enjoying increased health eating a plant-based, gluten-free diet along with us.  A real benefit for me in this, is that he has an interest in learning to plan and prepare meals, so along with helping me cook fairly often, he is […]

The Joy of Conscious Eating!

I just listened to author and speaker, Colleen Patrick-Goodreau speaking on the Veganpalooza program.  She is the author of one of my favorite cookbooks, The Joy of Vegan Baking. Patrick-Goodreau is so clear and articulate in speaking about the joy of conscious eating!  She reminds us that veganism is not some new and radical trend. […]


Thought you might like to hear about Veganpalooza 2012!   This is a free telesummit offering an array of informational topics by well-known vegetarian and vegan enthusiasts. Bo Rinaldi, a local, best-selling author and owner of the Blossoming Lotus restaurants, plus 30 other healers and natural food advocates will be offering their expertise and inspiration […]

The Protein Question!

One question that often comes up when talking with people about eating a plant-based diet is, “how do you get enough protein?”   It’s a good question because, as the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine writes in it’s article entitled, The Protein Myth,  “protein is an important nutrient required for the building, maintenance, and repair […]

Feast on the Fire

Happy 4th of July everyone! My family just returned from a gathering at our river house on the west fork of the Washougal River, in Washington state.  It’s about an hour drive from Portland, but it feels like it’s very far from “normal” life.  I’m including photos of some of the fun and the projects […]