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A Higher-Level Alternative

From The World Peace Diet, VegInspiration……. Buckminster Fuller often emphasized that the way of cultural transformation is not so much in fighting against destructive attitudes and practices, but in recognizing them as being obsolete and offering positive, higher-level alternatives. The competitive, violent, commodifying mentality of the ancient herding cultures is, in our age of nuclear weapons […]

Soup Time!

Every year I look forward to the arrival of the cool fall days so that I can make a BIG pot of soup!  Making soup is one of my favorite things, for many reasons:  it’s really easy, I get to be creative with whatever is in the frig and pantry, it’s delicious, and very nutritious, […]

Sea Vegetables? The What and How….

Several people have asked about my last post, Skipping the Middle Fish and Going Straight to the Source, saying that they have been concerned about mercury and other toxins in fish, and it makes sense to go straight to the source for the nutrition, and eat sea vegetables.   You may also be asking the […]