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Tamale Pie for Thanksgiving?!

This is definitely my kind of turkey! One of the huge joys of being The Joyful Eater is having success at “veganizing” an old family favorite!   When I was young, my mother made a tamale pie and took it to a big Thanksgiving gathering.  It was such a huge success, it became part of the […]

Holiday Recipes!

Here it is mid-November already, and I’m thinking about some dishes that can make our up-coming family holiday dinners delicious and memorable. I used to think that it just wouldn’t seem like Thanksgiving or Christmas if we didn’t have the turkey, and the gravy, and the pumpkin pie, and so on.   It turns out […]

Why Vegans Live Longer

Another year has sailed by, and I just celebrated birthday number 62!   I am so grateful to be feeling vibrantly healthy at this time in my life, and I absolutely know that my passion for plant-based eating is the main reason I am so healthy! I recently read an article entitled, Why Do Vegetarians […]